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The 3 Days Tour From Fes To Merzouga, The greatest route to take to explore the southeast of Morocco is from Fes to the Merzouga Desert, where you can see the top of the Merzouga Sahara, the Erg Chebbi dunes, and a breathtaking sunset before arriving at the desert camp for a fantastic night. The second day of this appropriate Fes desert tour will be spent seeing nomads and all notable locations.

Additionally, we provide 3-day shared tours on Morocco small-group trips from Fes to Merzouga Sahara Desert. Please note that you will only be sharing transportation; for more information, get in touch with us.

With us, you can book a 3 Days Tour From Fes To Merzouga. We provide Standard, Luxury, and Mixed choices.

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Our 3 Days Tour From Fes To Merzouga begins with a drive through the Middle Atlas and a cedar forest from your hotel or riad in Fez. We travel through Ifrane, a well-known ski resort, and Midelt, a city well-known for its minerals and apples. To get to Erfoud, which is well-known for its fossil products, and subsequently to Rissani, we proceed via Ziz valley.

After that, we meet our desert guide in the Erg Chebbi desert. We enjoy sleeping in a Sahara desert tent at the conclusion of the first day of our 3 days tour from Fesas we get ready for a camel ride across the Merzouga sand dunes.

It is worth getting up early on the second day of the 3 Days Tour from Fes to Merzouga Desert in order to enjoy the stunning beauty of a desert sunrise and the incredible silence of the Sahara. This is a good opportunity to take in the silence and the shifting hues as the sun rises on the dunes.

You will ride your camel back to the departure point after returning to the camp, where breakfast will be ready and a hot shower will get you ready for the day’s adventure.

We will pick you up and begin your Merzouga desert tour, taking you to all the interesting places nearby Erg Chebbi dunes, including the seasonal Lake of Merzouga known as “Lake Sirji,” Khamlia Village, where GNAWA music is played, the Mines for a variety of stones known to nomad families as “Mefes,” and the RISSANI Market, the largest souk in the region.

After arriving in the afternoon, you’ll have the rest of the day to yourself before spending the night in the Merzouga desert at a small hotel or riad.

It’s the days you say farewell to the desert, but you will leave with many wonderful memories. You will travel to Fes via Erfoud, a small town famous for carving fossils and marble, and you will take in the stunning scenery of the Ziz Valley and palm groves all the way to Midelt, another small town famous for producing Apples.

Most likely, you’ll stop for a little break here for lunch at a restaurant or at the nearby village of Zaida.

then head toward the Azrou Cedar Forest as we make our way back to Fes. Our 3 Days Tour From Fes To Merzouga concludes when you are dropped off at your lodging when you arrive in Fes at 6 o’clock.


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In terms of extremism and crime rates, we can state that the occurrence of such crimes is similar to that of many European countries, as evidenced by several statistics: low and uncommon.

You could enjoy traveling on your own once you’ve learned your way around and been acquainted with the local culture. You’ll be OK as long as you’re comfortable with it and stay away from the shady areas.

It will also allow you to save some money. However, some destinations require the assistance of a professional guide; you will most likely realize this once you are in such a location, particularly that outside of towns, such as the desert, where you will need a guide to assist you with camels and other items.

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