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imperial tours 9 days from tangier

Whether you arrive by boat or by plane, we will wait to transfer you to the city of TANGiER


imperial tours 9 days from tangier

Day 1 Tangier

Whether you arrive by boat or by plane, we will wait to transfer you to the city of TANGiER at the hotel where they are staying.

The city is located at the western end of the Strait of Gibraltar.

Like all cities in Morocco, it is divided into the old quarter (medina), and in the Ville nouvelle.

The walled medina of TANGiER contains all the elements of the old quarter of the Moroccan cities, but with a certain cosmopolitan touch. Walking is a fascinating experience. In the highest area is the old Kasbah.

You will be able to stroll through the great souk and the square of April 9, 1947, and the park of the Mendubia in whose garden you will find centenarian Dragos and a collection of SXVII cannons that were of the Spanish and Portuguese fleets.

There is much to see in this city as it has had numerous incursions throughout history, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Berbers, Arabs, Fatimids, Almoravids, Almohades, Merinids, Portuguese, Spanish, English, French and definitely Moroccans. Everyone left some memory.

Day 2 Cabo Espartel

After breakfast, you can visit the city of TANGER. Its mosques, its madrasa, its catholic church, … to relax in the terrace located in Bab el Bahr (Gate of the Sea) where they will contemplate an ample view of TANGER and the sea.
We will have lunch at TANGER.

In the afternoon, we will go to Cape Esparthel. Before arriving, we will pass by the summer palace of King Hassan II, is a residential area where the houses are surrounded by great vegetation. We will stop at the viewpoint of Perdicaris, from where you can enjoy magnificent views.

Weather permitting, you can bathe at Robinson Beach.

We will visit the Caves of Hercules: these caves were inhabited since prehistoric times. The action of nature has produced a multitude of erosions in a circular shape and with a curious window towards the sea that recalls the silhouette of the African continent.

About 200 meters from the caves, is the Roman town of Cotta, remains of a temple, some baths, and garum factory (the fish sauce that consumed the Romans), and was the fundamental pillar of the economy of the city at that time.
We will stop by to watch the sunset.

Return to TANGER, dinner, and overnight at your hotel.

Day 3 Tetouan- Chefchaouen

In the morning, we will go to TETOUAN, we will go along the coast road to CEUTA.

We will have good views of the sea, we will stop to go up to Jebel Musa, in front of the Rock of Gibraltar.

We will see the Rif as a backdrop, the city of TETOUAN with its white houses scrambling up on the hill. The city has an Andalusian touch, as it was built by the Spanish.

It is here, where we will stop for lunch and visit the most beautiful places of this medina; such as the Hassan II Square, the Royal Palace, the Great Mosque, and of course the souks.

Following the route, we will stop at the fishing port of CABO NEGRO.

In the evening we will arrive at CHEFCHAUEN, we will stay at the hotel.

Day 4 Chefchaouen

There are few places in the world as charismatic and seductive as the city of CHEFCHAUEN.

The city is sheltered from the real world by the imposing walls of the Rif. Its houses and streets are painted blue. The calm and cheerful spirit is present throughout the city and in each of its magical corners.

We will stay all day and night in CHAfchoueN. Strolling through this city at any time of the day or night is a great visual adventure.

Day 5 The Rif-Fez Mountains

We will leave direction to FEZ, crossing the mountains of the Rif.

We will cross much of this extensive mountain range.

The landscape is really amazing, forests of oaks, cork oaks, cedars and yours.

In hidden valleys, we will find large plantations of hashish.

We will stop by the way to have lunch and at night we will arrive at FEZ.

Day 6 Fez

After breakfast, we will visit FEZ.

FEZ, a city full of mystery and magnificence, is the most complete medieval medina in the Arab world, treasures world-famous monuments, thousands of winding streets, and hundreds of palaces and mansions. UNESCO declared

FEZ, World Heritage Site.

We will visit, among other places, the Attarine madrasa, the Karaouine Mosque, the tanners, the Meridians tombs, and the souks.

We will spend all day in FEZ and also the night. You’ll see it’s worth it.

Day 7 Meknes

After breakfast, we will transfer to the city of MEKNES.

We will visit MEKNES. A very quiet city, very nice and divided in the Ville nouvelle built by the French and the old part where the medina and the imperial villa of Mulay Ismail.

MEKNES was the capital of Morocco during the 55 years that Sultan Mulay Ismail commanded.

We will visit the medina, the Bab Mansour Gate, the Jedim Square, the Great Mosque, the Bou Inania Madrasa, and the Mulay Ismail Mausoleum, of course, we will take a tour of the souks.

After lunch, we will go to VOLUP. It is the most important archaeological site in the country. Nowadays, VOLUCABILIS allows as few places in the world to imagine in detail the life of the Romans.

In the evening we will sleep in MEKNES at the hotel of your choice.

Day 8 Return to Tanger

We will cross again the Rif mountains towards TANGER.

On the way, we will stop for lunch at KSAR-EL KABIR.

At night we will be in Tangier.

You will have time to get lost in this great Mediterranean city.

Day 9 Tanger

After a delicious breakfast, we will accompany you to the airport or the port and …


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